Drop In New Zealand continues to hit YouTube almost a decade after it was filmed. Join us for an action packed road trip down memory lane.

Episode 2 is one of my favourites. The days were long and hot, everyone was fresh, and the vehicles hadn’t started to reek like Hell’s laundry basket.

Nathan Greenwood joins us this episode. Over the past nine years many people have asked me variations of the question, “Did Nathan really complain that much?”

The answer is “Yes, yes he did”. As you’ll be aware video editing goes a long way to tell a story and in all honesty the end show could have been kinder to Nathan. Then again, it could have been more brutal. If you spend two and a half months complaining to the camera, some of it’s going to make it to screen.

Interesting factoid for the riding in this episode: the dirt kicker that we built for Darren’s whip over the Lake Pukaki Dam tail race is still there. Or at least it was last time I checked a couple of years ago. This photo shoot went many places, include a long running Adidas ad and the front page of Dirt Magazine.

Naseby proved to be a surprise hit with the crew, which was cool because everyone likes Naseby. Well, everyone who has a soul that is.

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