Cranks rarely get the attention they deserve. The only time we think about them is when our pedal stroke becomes lopsided, with one leg rotating normally while the other does an impression of wrestler Randy Orton approaching the ring. This is a sign that your crank is loose, and probably buggered. Think deeper and you realise that the crank is the sole component that makes the bicycle unique. Without them we’d just be riding around on hugely ineffective motorbikes. The crank is key in the symbiotic relationship between us and our machines.
Next time you’re looking to spend a little dosh on your pride and joy, why not invest in a gift for the heart. If you do, you should certainly consider these e.thirteen cranks from The Hive.
Although four weeks is not enough time for us to give our full seal of approval, we can tell you that they perform well and seem to be of good quality. A couple of nifty features promise reliability too. Most notable is the unique tri-lobular interface between the oversized cromoly axle and the crank arm. This technology, adapted from German tanks, purportedly results in a near perfect fit that eliminates creaks and the likelihood of the cranks working loose. They’re pretty bombproof, but tip the scales at a reasonable 730 g (sans bottom bracket).
If bling is your thing, these might not be the cranks for you, but if you’re more interested in quality and reliability you should definitely consider this offering from e.thirteen. LEIF ROY

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