untitled-0009Returning from Switzerland at the end of June, either Swiss Air or Singapore Airlines decided to drop some super heavy luggage on my bike bag and fold my front wheel around my cranks. It wasn’t ideal, as I’d been amping to ride my new E13 wheel-equipped GT Sensor on Wellington’s trails, and it looked like it wasn’t going to happen. Fast forward to yesterday (via some creative wheel straightening to get by) and Chris at E13 sent me a new rim and with it these new E13 TRSr (r for race) cranks complete with E13’s newest addition, a narrow/wide chainring (or as E13 are calling it the “Guide Ring”).untitled-0006A few months back we let you know these bad boys were coming, but this set is one of the first production rings to make it out of E13/The Hive’s Pacific Northwest headquarters. They only arrived yesterday so I haven’t fitted them up yet but they will be going on the Tallboy to be mated with a standard SRAM X9 clutch derailleur.

They are designed to work ideally with an 11-speed set-up but are also 10 speed compatible. Before we weigh in with a final review in our December issue though, they will do some time on the GT with an XX1 chain and rear mech.

untitled-0004In terms of availability they should be hitting our shores in October, they will only fit E13s TRS cranks which you can buy right now…


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