justinandorraIt was total edge of the seat stuff last night with round three of the World Cup in Andorra. Justin Leov looked like he was going to take Mick Hannah’s lead but after being well ahead at the midway split he emerged behind him in the final sprint. The final five riders took things to the next level and it looked like Justin was going to be bumped into sixth. That was until an on-form Hill pushed things a little too far and crashed in the last section of the track going from being two seconds up to five or so seconds behind!!! In the end Steve Peat took the win, followed by Gee Atherton, Greg Minaar, Mick Hannah and Justin in 5th. Blenki managed 15th.

2009overallAnd the overall World Cup standings put Justin in sixth! YEAH

Download full DH results here.

Download full over-all standing here.

The manufacturers battle looks to be getting exciting now to… after three rounds Santa Cruz have taken the lead from Trek World Racing… Andrew Neethling needs to step up to Justin’s level if TRD want to pull the lead back from the SC boys.

Oh and as per usual theres some awesome photos over at Dirt.

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