The New Zealand distributor of Scottish cycling apparel brand Endura has put his money where his mouth is and launched a massive XC team for the 2011/2012 season. The team, consisting of Raewyn Morrison, Adrian Retief, Nigel McDowell, Josh Parkin, Ryan Hunt, Amber Johnston and Nathan Johnston, will all be riding Specialized Stumpjumpers (in both 26″ and 29″) and will be hitting races all over New Zealand. Endura don’t want to stop with just XC and are also looking at putting a DH team together as well. If you’re keen to be considered (for both the XC and DH teams) send your application and CV through to Nigel at Endura here.

Oh just to give you a better idea of what the kit looked like I thought I’d let ex-Kapiti Coaster Raewyn Morrison give you the up close look.

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  1. It is going to interesting to see how Endura in NZ, selling through bike stores, grabs sales when the same stuff is available to NZ for far less at international online retailers. The draw of trying on for clothing should be a big one, or it might not. It’s a little micro-marketing-retail experiment! Good luck to them.

    1. A friend was in the States recently and wanted to try on some SIDI cycling shoes.Sure the friendly cycle store said, but it’ll cost you 50 bucks.
      Ponder that for a moment.
      You get the $50 back when / if you buy them.
      That’ll thwart the retail tryer on person that then goes online to purchase.
      Anyway, a happy ending to this tale – they fitted, they were a good price, he bought them.
      My prediction is it will take at least 5 years for this behaviour to hit NZ bike shops.
      I can’t predict how many will go under in that time.

  2. Its good to see someone putting back into the sport, if it keeps the team going and helps support my LBS I will keep buying and riding Endura.

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