Fasthouse is excited to present this short film by Taylor Sage (aka T-Sage). The boys decided to do a trip to New Zealand before the Crankworx series started to do some riding and catch Farm Jam, a local freeride event, while they were there. We sent T-Sage to document the trip and shoot a video. What developed was a short film about three friends riding some of the local NZ spots and having some fun along the way. T-Sage said, “The plan was no plan. Having a brand trust our process and allow us complete creative freedom made it easy to let the project unravel and create itself. This is a film about three friends going to New Zealand with no agenda. With social media it’s easy to get caught up in algorithms and view counts and often times authenticity is thrown to the wayside in return for a numerical profit. I don’t care about numbers, just creating something true to a sport that has given me a lot.”

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