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Santa Cruz sent out an email at 2am this morning, which I’m guessing is bright and early on a Monday morning in the US. The email in question was highly anticipated as it was hoped it would contain the three new Santa Cruz bikes. Well it did, and within minutes the new bikes flooded the Internet. So it may look like we are little slow here, but we don’t sit around watching our inbox waiting for emails. Anyhow there’s three new bikes, the BlurTRc (TR meaning trail, C meaning carbon), The Highball (which everyone knew about already) and then there is the bike everyone guessed and that is the aluminium Tallboy. Although the one bike I was hanging out for isn’t in the lineup and that is a long travel 29er (either a Tallboy LT or a Blur LT 9er). I’m sure some of you will be happy with these bikes; check out the full details below.

Blur TRc

An entirely new addition to our family, the Blur TRc is a fresh take on the broadly defined trailbike category. Crafted from carbon fiber, featuring our proprietary lay-up process, the frame weighs a scant 5 pounds with shock included. Patented VPP suspension offers 5 inches of travel, smack dab between our existing Blur XC and LT models. The inherently flex-free VPP design combined with the carbon fiber frame results in chassis rigidity second to none. The top tube length and riding position are evolved from our climb-happy xc bikes – a bit more stretched out than on our longer travel rigs – but mated to a relaxed head angle that is sure to make any dedicated gravity fiend weep with joy.

Available in Matte Carbon/Green or Gloss Carbon/Orange

High Ball

There are still those times and places where the best way to light the fuse and blow everyone else into the weeds is by riding a hardtail. Bigger wheels have revived the venerable double diamond design, and by mixing the smooth rolling hoops with a feathery 2.4-pound carbon fiber frame, we’ve come up with a potent race weapon. Anyone who complains about a bad day climbing while riding this bike needs to find another sport. The Highball is insanely light, razor sharp, nimble but surefooted, stiff as a plank, and designed to do two things: 1. Race. 2. Win.

Available in Matte Carbon/Grey or Gloss Carbon/Red

Tallboy Al

Tallboys have become mighty popular bikes in the relatively short time since we introduced them, and they have been getting rave reviews from the press and, more importantly, from the thousands of riders who’ve rolled off into the sunset aboard them. The pairing of VPP suspension and 29” wheels created a fast rolling, crisp handling, versatile bike that exploits the benefits of big wheels to the best of their advantage, at home anywhere from remote alpine singletrack to crowded jittery start lines. Now the tall can is available in aluminum – same geometry, same lines, same great suspension, teeny bit more weight, whole lot less money.

Available in all powder coat options

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