Oompa Loompa

Who says you have to go to the big cities and the snooty galleries to look at art?
Well we haven’t been near a big city or a snooty gallery for months now, but we’ve been deep in the mountains on overnight outback rides and finding pretty amazing pieces of “artwork” in the most unlikely of places. Now, these pieces won’t sell for thousands of dollars, but they’re just a delight to find when you least expect to see them out in the wop-wops. Just another reason why I’m utterly and completely head over heels in love with New Zealand’s backcountry huts, and I cannot wait to explore and overnight in many more of these hidden gems next summer.

If you’ve ridden some of the sick trails out in the Craigieburn area, you might recognise some of these.

The best part about these finds: you don’t get into trouble for taking photos of them, so snap on!

Cheers to the artists!

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