Pivot side and top

Back in April Vikki and Brett took delivery of a couple of early review pairs of Teva’s new clipless shoe the Pivot. Seems they only came in sizes 9 and 10 for reviewers so I was shit out of luck. Well a pair of 12s showed up in the mail for me today and with that, all the shoes for NZ retailers. So if you’ve been waiting for this surprisingly rad shoe to show up, the wait is over.

A few days ago we brought you news of Teva’s new Pivot all-mountain clipless shoe. Well I’ve been ogling them and enjoying the new-shoe smell for two days now, and have just mounted them up for a first spin. But as it’s pouring with rain, I’m doing a casual round-the-house break-in for now.

My first impression? Kind of blown away; this is a great looking shoe. It has a really low overall profile, somehow managing to make my large foot look smaller than it actually is. (In fact when I first saw them in the box, I was convinced they’d be far too small.) They fit on the snug side, as is necessary for a clipless shoe, but feel well cushioned and with just enough flex to allow for excellent walkability. Its casual styling and lack of excessive bulk make it the one and only clipless shoe I’d care to wear outside of a riding environment. The wide Velcro retention strap seemed a little awkward at first, but feels surprisingly sleek in use, squishing the mass of tied lace down and out of harm’s way, and making for a very clean look.

One of the Pivot’s several unique features is the top-mounting cleat system, which keeps the bolts clean and protected inside the shoe. The hardware recess is very generous, so the cleats stay completely tucked away in the sole (and they don’t sound like tap-dancing shoes on my hardwood floor!)

I’m looking forward to getting well acquainted with these over the next few months to bring you a full review in an upcoming issue of Spoke. New Zealand availability is expected to be September; RRP is $279.90.

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