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Mark Dickson from KRD Imports rolled the big van into Spoke HQ with a few new goodies for us to look at. Front and centre were some nice new forks from X Fusion.

x fusion new-1607

First up we have the Sweep 650b specific fork. One of these has found its way onto the front of my Burner, after running the awesome Vengeance until this fork arrived. The Sweep is a trail/all mountain/buzzword fork packing 160mm travel, which can be internally adjusted with spacers (mine has been custom tuned to 150mm).

x fusion new-1609

Red for rebound on the bottom of the left leg, and a 15mm LockX axle. Stanchions are 34mm, and the fork feels as stiff and precise as the 36mm/20mm axle Vengeance.

x fusion new-1630

There is a DLR adjustable travel version available, which knocks 30mm off the front for those steep climbs.

x fusion new-1608

I opted for the non-DLR version, as I like simplicity and try to avoid steep climbs. Blue knob flips the lockout, and there’s an obligatory tapered alloy steerer. RRP on the Sweep DLR is $1099.

x fusion new-1623

The Trace is X Fusion’s 29er specific fork and is revamped for 2014.

x fusion new-1624

34mm stanchions and LockX 15mm as well, with Gold Slick Ano coating on the stanchions for less stiction.

x fusion new-1625

Check that out for trick…  a UniCrown one piece hollow forged crown and tapered steerer cuts a chunk of weight off and adds stiffness (and looks damn cool). Travel is adjustable between 140mm and 110mm, just like the Sweep.

x fusion new-1626

The LockX axle has these four little tabs on the axle (just on the right there near the QR lever) that pop out when the lever is closed to grip the legs to lock the axle, stop it from spinning and give a bit of extra security. RRP for the Trace DLA Unicrown is $1299.

x fusion new-1631

Next up is the RV1 HLR downhill fork, looking resplendent in its Smoke Chrome livery…

x fusion new-1632

Bolt-on carbon guards keep the magnesium lowers ding-free.

x fusion new-1638

Rebound in the right leg, HLR damper in the left, forged dual crowns which will accommodate 26 and 27.5 wheels…

x fusion new-1636

A single pinch bolt holds the 20mm axle in place, while these nifty alloy caps keep the high and low speed compression dials free from filth.

x fusion new-1635

Mark points out the Neutra Valve, pressure release valves “to neutralize internal pressure providing the most consistent spring rate characteristics”… Trick! RRP on the RV1 is $2349 (Smoke Chrome) and $2149 (Black).

x fusion new-1611

Every X Fusion fork comes with its own high pressure pump… nice.

x fusion new-1641

New rubber from WTB in the form of the Bee Line, a small block tread great for XC, hardpack trail and low rolling resistance. It comes only in 650b x 2.2 and TCS and Race versions.

x fusion new-1639

The Wolverine is now in a medium size as well as 26 and 29. It’s fast rolling with plenty of side-knobs for cornering, great for hardpack but mine’s been getting plenty of use in all conditions and it’s proven a great rear tyre in combo with a Vigilante up front.

For more info and stockists email service@krdimports.co.nz

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