I’ve been rocking a pair of Giro’s high end carbon soled Codes for a while now and raved about them in the current issue of Spoke but at $400+ they aren’t for everyone’s wallet. The good news is Giro’s distributor WH Worrall’s have just landed the new lower spec’d version the Privateer. It comes in at half the price of the Code and has a retail of $200. It has a slightly more aggressive sole, but instead of three different sized inner soles it just comes with a medium sized one. It also lacks the ballistic Easton EA90 Carbon outsole, but at the same time its nylon outsole is supposed to be pretty damn stiff and have good power transfer and, like the Code, the supple upper moulds to most feet (although in the US they offer a wider foot model as well). Mark Dangerfield will be putting these through their paces for the next 4-5 months and we will bring you our verdict in issue 46. If you can’t wait to hear what we have to say, head to your local Giro dealer now!

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