FOX is set to launch their new FOX Factory Tuning(FFT)program, here in New Zealand later this year. FFT offers Fox customers the chance to  customise and upgrade their current suspension set-up to the latest versions — the newest model air spring assemblies, dampers and lock out levers are all available in a simple affordable way rather than having to purchase a whole new fork or shock. 

For example if you’re currently running a 2016 model 34 fork, you can send it into the NZ Fox Service centre ( Blue Shark Ltd ) and have the internals (Air Spring and Damper Cartridge)replaced with the 2018 offerings, essentially advancing your fork 2 generations in minutes and for a very reasonable price compared to buying the new model fork. Then the Fox technician will tune the fork to your specs and return it to you ready to go. 


So whats new about the 2018 line up that would make you choose to do this? 

Forks -One of the changes in Fox fork line up is EVOL (Extra Volume) treatment for the first time. The new MY18 EVOL air Spring features a larger sized negative chamber this in turn reduces the positive chamber giving the fork a more progressive feel. To balance and enhance the performance of the new air-spring the MY18 models also come with the new FIT4 damper cartridge which is more tune-able than ever – Three on-the-fly compression damping positions and 22 clicks of additional low-speed compression adjust in the Open mode. 


Shocks – Its the Float DPS models that gets the big overhaul in the shock department with a whole new sleek look in the form of a one piece air sleeve. This replaces the old 2 piece system by moving the negative air chamber into a pronounced bulge around the bottom of the sleeve. And yes much like the new line of forks the negative air chamber is bigger and has a heap more adjustment. 


Fox’s other main Shock tweak is to change to a linear piston on most models of shocks across the board. The move away from the old digressive piston gives more subtle bump absorption and a better all round trail riding feel.

We were treated to the full Factory Tuning upgrades last month in Wanaka with the team of experts from Fox Europe. We spent the day riding with Eammon We progressively tested and upgraded the various components in both our Forks and Shocks throughout the day and were blown away at the difference in performance of the final product. Check out September’s issue of Spoke for a full breakdown of that FFT results.


Fox NZ are hoping to have the FFT program up and running from September and a finalised price list for upgrades. So for any of you currently running Fox suspension components watch this space because soon full factory upgrades will be available to you at very reasonable prices.

Key Points

For more info on the Fox Factory Tuning options get in touch with the guys at Fox New Zealand

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