Nope it’s not bad Christian metal from the 80s, it is in fact Fox’s newest offering into the helmet market and we have just got one to test. The Flux (Fox’s current XC/AM helmet) has been on the scene for a while now and normally drew polar opinions due to its spoiler. The Striker comes in with a slightly more XC look and with that drops the spoiler, but keeps the extended rear coverage that the Flux is so popular for. Fox have knocked around 100grams off the Flux to produce the Striker and with its improved fit (it features a new padded retention system) and ventilation (there are two more holes) it’s sure to be a bit more popular than its predecessor (which isn’t going anywhere mind you). Not too sure on price but this helmet will have shipped last week so it should be in the shops now. If it’s not, ask for it!

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