Cam Cole, Waterloo Station. Pic: Mio
Over the last few years Cam Cole has risen from being a little 11 year old BMX racer to an oversized “grommie” in the Junior ranks traveling around New Zealand and onto becoming a household name on the international downhill circuit, landing himself on the Maxxis squad after winning the 2006 World Junior Downhill title.

Now assaulting DH tracks the world over, Cam spends his New Zealand winter in the Northern Hemisphere chasing the UCI World Cup downhill series flying backwards and forwards between North America, Europe, and New Zealand.

After a bit of bad luck through his 2009 season capped with a broken chain at the World Champs in Canberra, Cam is back home in Christchurch chilling out, drinking coffee and planning his 2010 season. Here’s his Frankly Thursday…..

Cam charing at the South African world cup #1. Pic:

How old are you?

Where do you live?
Christchurch, NZ

Who makes it possible?
My parents, partner Amy, Maxxis, Marleen Distribution, RockyMountain
Bicycles, Fox Shox, Blue Shark

Why do people call you “Horse”?

Maybe cause I’m big and me and Scolsey (Matt Scoles) call people horse because Dog
boy calls people horse haha

Sprint training, Ashburton. Pic: Lester Perry

First bike?
A red 16inch BMX that I first raced. First DH race bike was an Avanti D8

Best thing about travelling around the world riding your bike?
We get to see many places that a normal tourist wouldn’t, usually in
the mountains which are for sure more interesting than cities. I also
get to ride some awesome tracks. Not always a downhill race track; some
of the best rides this year were epic trail rides and exploring.

Best spot in the world to ride?

What can’t you travel without?
My iPhone because it is my phone to text people at home, my music, my
Internet, my camera and my computer—sounds like an advert but I’m
not even sponsored by Apple!

What can you not live without?
All my bikes and Amy

When you’re not riding bikes you are?

Drinking coffee at C1

What are your favourite five albums?

No particular order
Interpol, Turn on the bright lights
Interpol, Our love to admire
Dr Dre, Chronic 2001
Rise Against, Appeal to reason
Roots Manuva, Run come save me

What are your favourite five video parts?
No particular order
Earthed 2 – Iron Horse and Neethling, sheep hills
That’s It That’s All – Nicholas Muller
Super 8 –  Schladming,
Between the Tape – Sam Hill extras
Pearl Harbour – love making scene in the plane hanger

In the loam, Llangllonen NPS race.

What’s wrong with mountain biking?
It’s not an Olympic sport so when the New Zealand Downhill riders win medals and
get top 10 results at Worlds and World Cups it goes unnoticed by the
New Zealand public and media. We are killing it right now!

What’s right with mountain biking?
It’s getting sick in New Zealand, I love the races here, the tracks and people
are awesome. Last year the prize money was even good—thanks Mildie
and Gregnum Leov

Who do you look up to?
Lester “Mokey” Perry, Justin Leov and Steve Peat

Ever worn Lycra?
All the time, I love it on the road bike! Gotta look like a pro like all
the old dogs that are out there on the hills and smoking them.

What are your vices?
Biting my fingernails, not sure where my head is at when I’m racing
sometimes but I’m gonna try fix that this year.

Which pro MTBr do you have a dirty little secret on? Care to tell the world?
Wyn Masters wants to move to Slovenia next year to live with his young
girlfriend he met when we were there at the European champs this year.
He’s gonna kill me if he sees this.

Coronet Peak, Course walk. pic: Lester Perry

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