So in case you’ve been living under a rock strange things have been afoot at the Circle K. The UCI sold the title sponsorship of the MTB to a website no one had ever heard of. Then the UCI asked people to tender for the rights to distribute the live content (the video footage that the UCI create) from the World Cups. This last thing prompted founder Raymond Dulieu to step back from the tender process and start his own DH race series, one with a much larger price purse for the riders and a series that didn’t compete with the World Cups. That was until the UCI accredited the European IXS series (the one that Scolsey dominates), so now there are a few conflicts, but if you’re chasing cash rather than points, the DH1 series is where you’ll be. So the DH1 website has a sweet calendar with the UCI, DH1 and IXS dates all there, plus news and testimonials from all the heavy hitters that will be racing in it. There’s also a link to their Facebook site, and this is where DH1 needs you…

“Downhill Fans, Show Yourselves!

Downhill MTB is often perceived a niche activity by sponsors that are not familiar with the sport. Fact and figures are crucial to establish the marketing potential that DH presents beyond the obvious image transfer benefits it naturally provides.

No one knows how many DH fans exist in the world, which country they’re in, or what age group they represent. Stats on the downhill market are as scarce as water in the desert. We need to collect this information to talk to sponsors and Facebook can provide it.

‘Liking’ DH1 on Facebook is a very easy and rapid way to support the sport beyond DH1. The larger the community, the better for all involved, from core web sites to magazines, from events to riders. All will finally have a market size to go with.

100,000 is a first objective which on a world-wide basis is not a large number. Brands outside the MTB industry often have a fan base in excess of 1 million.

Help us be credible and worthy of their attention.
Become a fan and talk to your friends. Having a positive impact on DH MTB starts here and now!”

TO become a fan of DH1 on Facebook click here.

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