DZ1_6164Last night in a secluded hotel room somewhere in the Whistler Village, Giro invited a select group of the world’s MTB media and their sponsored athletes to take a look at some of their more gravity/enduro aimed offerings for 2014 (as well as drink beer and sample some sweet nibbles). Lo and behold, Spoke made the cut. We can’t show you everything or tell you all the details (well not until the end of the month anyway) but what we can tell you is Giro have stepped it up in a big way and the products on offer are all on point.DZ1_6132But the best bit about this product launch could have been the fact that Giro’s marketing manager Dain Zaffke was sporting a broken wrist and the remants of a black eye from a crash he had a few weeks back. You want to know that the dude selling you the products actually rides (very well) but can also eat shit with the best of them. He’s flanked by’s Brandon Turman and’s Josh Patterson who both got a little excited on the Whistler trails.

giro-montageThe new full face from Giro isn’t just aimed at DH ballers, and the riders at the launch represented the broad target market and disciplines the helmet is aimed at, from Enduro rider Aaron Bradford (top left) to slopestyle slayer Yannick Granieri (top right) freeride legend Paul Bass and cocky upstart Graham Agassiz.

DZ1_6138I did mention the food was good right?     DZ1_6152Fresh off his solid EWS result of fourth place at Whistler, Adam Craig was pumped on the new Giro enduro specific shoe that he almost rode to the podium. Speaking of that podium, it’s probably also worth mentioning that Jared Graves wore his new Giro full face to 1st place. I can give you all the details on the shoe soon but for now all you’ve got is this shot which shows the super grippy and durable Vibram sole and the rad orange colourway.

71750734023811e3902122000a9e5160_7It wasn’t just Adam Craig riding his new Giro shoes to a solid result, Wellington’s own Chris Johnston piloted this black pair to 8th. I had a chance to check them out in the flesh when I visited the Giro head office in June and to say we are super excited about getting our hands on a pair of these for review soon is an understatement…

DZ1_6139There were a few more bits and pieces that Giro showed us, but you’ll have to wait a little bit longer before we can tell you about them…

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