Once upon a time I owned a couple of damn expensive night lights. When my house burned down a few years ago they all disappeared. When I finally got round to replacing them, the night light market had changed dramatically. I mean you were buying lights with double the lumen output for a third of the price. Some of these new designs didn’t quite have the design finesse of their expensive predecessors (but at the reduced price no one’s complaining). Well Gloworm’s $260 X2 light might just change that. We’ve been running a pre-production version of the light for the last couple of months and have nothing but praise for this tiny but powerful light.

As you can see from its size in relation to my XL Xen, this thing is tiny. It weighs only 80grams, and you actually don’t notice it’s there at all, which for me is a big deal. That, and its low profile; being a tall rider, it’s not that ideal having a light that adds 80mm in height for branches and vines to snag on. So the fact that the X2 sits lower than the top of the helmet again is a godsend.

Power output is ample. My pre-production model is only about 1000 lumens whereas the full production version available on the Gloworm site is 1200 lumens. I haven’t really started to play with the mode settings yet but out of the box the three power modes are all you really need. I’ve been climbing in the low setting and then skipping the high one and descending on boost.

And then there is the battery. The 5.8 AH hard cased battery, has external lights indicating power consumption, which is bloody handy. After riding for an hour last night I still have 80% left!

I’m gonna shoot out tonight and take a couple of on-trail light shots. Also Gloworm are running a comp on their Facebook page where you could win one of these lights. All you have to do is head here and ‘like’ their page.


The X2 is delivered in a hard-shell carry case.  The contents of the case are:


IMT Programmes

Trail – Low>High>Boost.  Special mode>Super Dim

Commute – Low>High>Boost. Special mode>Flash (2Hz)

Adventure – Super Dim>Low>High. Special mode>Emergency Beacon (Super bright flash at intervals of approximately 3 seconds)

Bush – High>Boost.  Special mode>Super Dim (Boost – designed to be used periodically for long distance spotting)

Special modes are activated by holding down the button for 2 sec.  This allows the user to conduct any outdoor activity without having to cycle through the special mode and having an interruption of a steady light beam.  Additionally, the X2 is shut down by holding the button for appx 5sec.  IMT gives you the flexibility of refined programmes and modes without needing to access them every time you go from High mode back to low.

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    1. The battery weighs a shade over 200grams. It can be helmet mounted and has been done before. Watch out for a 2 cell battery in the future. Bruce – Gloworm

  1. I’ve got one of these lights and I absolutely love it! Light, bright, easy to install, plenty of run time and a whole bunch of other things which make this light really great to use.

    1. Just got some myself….what you said – weighs nothing, is super bright and so damn SMALL! Runs forever too. And great delivery service, cheers for that Bruce

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