I think I’m not alone in the fact that when I’m out riding I sometimes think just how rad some tracks would be for Super D (so last week I know) or for Enduro races. One trail that I ALWAYS have this thought on is the Te Ranga trail on Rotorua’s Rainbow Mountain. This grade four trail is what enduro is about as far as I’m concerned: handmade narrow tech singletrack up top and flat out high speed radness down the bottom, all in native bush and all just flipping amaze balls. Well it turns out Jeff Carter and Kim McVicker at Southstar Events had been thinking the same thing and have decided to organise the first Go Native Enduro for the 18th Jan 2014. There will be two shuttled stages off Rainbow Mountain and one stage out near Lake Okataina on the Western Okataina Trail. All the official guff is below as well as links for entry. It’s pre entry only; there will be NO on the day exceptions.


Go Native Enduro Event – Saturday Jan 18th 2014

Southstar has spent many months over the winter planning this Go Native Enduro event. We wanted to share with riders the other awesome trails around Rotorua that are outside the heavily ridden Whakarewarewa Forest.  Shuttle Manager Kim McVicker and Southstar Director Jeff Carter have both been previous event organisers for the Rotorua MTB Club’s Triple Crown enduro style event (Enduros are multiple timed stages, times added together get a winner), and this is the type of fun event we love to ride ourselves and we wanted to take it up a level. So here’s what’s included in this one fun filled day:


We shuttle you from the base to the top of Rainbow Mountain (located 20mins south of Rotorua next to SH5) twice for two timed stages on the Te Ranga MTB Trail. This is a grade 4, 350m descent trail that was built by our trail crew in 2012 and has become an instant hit among local and visiting riders.  The trail finishes at Kerosene Creek natural mineral hot pools so bring your towel and swimming gear and enjoy a hot swim after your race stages.


The event then convoys by vehicle to Lake Okataina (25mins east of Rotorua) where we ride/push (no rush, it’s not timed and there’s no road access so we can’t shuttle it) about 50mins up to the junction of the Western Okataina trig trail.  This is the start of the 3rd and final stage of the Enduro event.  The Western Okataina is an awesome grade 4 trail that was only opened to bikes for a 2 year trial in late 2012. It’s fast and super fun, descending 340 vertical metres back towards Lake Okataina. From the stage finish there’s a short un-timed liaison ride back to the Lake car park.


We will finish this awesome day of riding with a BBQ and salads (provided) and if it’s a sunny day, a swim in Lake Okataina.  Bring your picnic blanket and a few beverages, and relax and enjoy the beauty of this amazing spot!


The date for the event is Saturday January 18th.  There are two entry options:
Option 1 Entry fee is $140 this includes shuttle transport from Waipa Carpark to/from Rainbow Mtn and Okataina.
Option 2 Entry fee is $120, transport yourself to each venue.
Both Entry fees include 2x shuttles on Rainbow Mtn and all associated event costs, DOC and Iwi fees, first aid support, event timing, and the after race meal at the lake. It’s pre-entry only, enter online here.  Full event times and info will be emailed to entrants 10 days before the event. Got questions? email jeff@southstaradventures.com



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