Friday isn’t usually parcel day, but when I arrived at the office this morning I was greeted with two plain brown boxes, one from Fox and one from SRAM. The Fox box contained a couple of pairs of shorts and a helmet for review in future issues of Spoke and darn it if they aren’t two of the coolest looking shorts I’ve seen in a while. First up is the Fox Diva, a woman’s short that doesn’t look like a woman’s short, which is a good thing and shows that Fox have undoubtedly been listening to women.

The Fox Diva women's short

For the guys the latest incarnation of the High Voltage short arrived and it’s hot; I’m a bit annoyed that it’s not me reviewing it!

Fox High Voltage men's short

There was also a Fox Transition DJ helmet in there, which we’ll put through its paces in the next few months along with the shorts.

The Fox Transistion helmet

The other parcel was a bit more personal. Rob and Peter at SRAM have just supplied me with the sexiest brakes on the planet, yup, a set of ElixrCRs to put on my Nomad. I’ve been running Avid Juicy 7’s for the past couple of years so it should be a good move. You can expect a long term review in our November issue.

SRAM ElixrCR brakes for the Nomad!!!

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