GT Bicycles a premium brand of Dorel Industries, Inc. (TSX: DII.B, DII.A), today introduced the fully revamped Fury, a seriously fun downhill bike ready to keep the good times rolling. Featuring fresh geometry, a carbon front triangle, and a gravity-focused take on the newest evolution of Linkage Tuned Suspension (LTS), the Fury is GT’s most adjustable and tunable downhill bike yet.


When paired with 29” wheels and set up for 190mm of travel, the Fury is extremely stable and controlled at higher speeds on the race course. 27.5” wheels and 200mm of travel provide nimbler and easier handling better suited to park style riding.

“Both wheel sizes have the same geometry,” said Cait Dooley, GT Global Director of Product. “Riders can lengthen or shorten the Fury’s cockpit with adjustable headset cups, and they can also lengthen or shorten the rear end. This allows race-ready riders to make their bike as long as possible to go as fast as possible, while freeriders will want it shorter to keep it flickable in the jumps.”


The Fury features GT’s iconic LTS, a versatile four-bar suspension platform that can be easily tuned for all categories and travel segments of mountain bikes. On the Fury, the LTS was designed to have great bump absorption, phenomenal braking, and no pedal feedback, offering riders, whether racing or freeriding, a smooth, predictable, controlled ride.


“On the Fury’s LTS platform we wanted to keep the drivetrain and suspension forces completely separate,” said Luis Arraiz, GT frame engineer. “The idler pulley in the design is key – this allowed us to optimize pedaling efficiency, increase traction, and eliminate pedal feedback. The result is a bike that lets riders charge confidently over obstacles on the trail.”

The Fury’s flip chip technology allows riders to switch the bike from fast and low to faster and lower. The shock flip chip allows for a change in geometry to better tackle different types of terrain. On the 27.5” set-up, the dropout flip chip allows for a 10mm change in chainstay length making room for different riding styles and higher speed stability.


GT has also made the Fury as easy as possible for riders to work on by using Groove Tube technology. The Groove Tube allows cables to be externally routed yet tucked away for easy upkeep and clean looking lines. 

The completely new design of the GT Fury is a result of several seasons of testing with GT Factory Racing on the World Cup circuit. GT Factory Racing athletes are crucial to product development and have put the bike through its paces. According to Wyn Masters, “The new Fury rips turns and eats bumps for breakfast! It’s everything I could want from a DH bike!”


“The new Fury is next level! It’s predictable and forgiving. Getting a top ten in Fort William with this all new Fury meant a lot to me,” added Martin Maes.

The GT Fury comes in three models, Team, Expert, Pro, and a frameset. The GT Fury Team, a near replica of the GT Factory Race bikes, will be available in 29r only.  The Pro model features a blended wheel size offering – 27.5” for small and medium and 29” for medium and large. The Expert is exclusively equipped with 27.5” wheels to keep it poppy and playful in the bike park. Racers and riders who want the most adjustability out of their Fury can purchase a frameset which includes a Switch Kit to swap from 27.5” to 29” wheels. For more information on the all-new Fury, visit Check out GT Bicycles on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.


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