Kona has a whole slew of changes for 2010, with 14 new models across the entire range, each built to sparkle and shred. From track classics to classy downtown fixies, highly adaptable trail bikes to an Andreu Lacondeguy signature dirtjump frame.

First up is the Magic Link equipped Cadabra and Abra Cadabra, it’s a sub 30 pound all mountain machine, sporting 5″ of travel (with the ability to jump to 6″ in the rear when certain “situations” arise). Built using a Scandium frame, with a tapered head tube and a 15mm front axle for super stability.


In the XC department Kona adds the Kula Gold featuring an internal headset for a stiffer front end and the for 2010 the Hei Hei gets 100… 100mm of travel that is…

There’s a tonne of other new refinements for 2010 and you can check them out here. or read the full press release below…

KONAWORLD (August 1, 2009) – The good people at Kona have been busy. Seventy-eight unique models of bicycles, with 14 new models, each built to sparkle and shred. From track classics to classy downtown fixies, highly adaptable trail bikes to a Andreu Lacondeguy signature dirt jump frame. 2010, our 22nd year building bikes, is an exercise in diversity…Kona style.

It starts with our commitment to the trail. The flexibility and flow of Magic Link finds a new home in Kona’s super fresh mid-travel all-mountain ripper, the Cadabra. With paradigm shifting suspension characteristics that can adapt to a massive variety of terrain, the new Cadabra and Abra Cadabra is our sub 30-pound solution to the quiver. “Simply the most versatile, capable bike to span the widest range of conditions,” says Brian Berthold of Brake Therapy, the Cadabra’s chief designer. “From the steepest, gnarliest granny gear climbs and tightest switchbacks, to fast and hairy DH descents, not another bike on the planet can perform the magic like this bike.”

We’ve also introduced new mountain bike models, the Kula Gold and the Hei Hei 100. A tribute to our legendary hardtail XC speedster, the Kula Gold comes pimped components that go bling, not to mention frame refinements like an internal headset. The Hei Hei 100hops up our honed Hei Hei XC dual suspension steed with an extra smattering of travel.

And we’re just getting started.

Aside from lightening weights on our shred-ready line of Kids bikes, we’ve added the Cowan 2-4, a tricked out dirt jump bike for tween aerialists.

For fully-grown dirt fiends, we’re bringing back the Stuff, an affordable, durable, rip-ready hardtail that excels and doing it all and doing it well.

On to the road!

At Kona we believe in the complete cyclist: riding trail, riding pavement, riding as a means to travel through this big wide world. This commitment to all means of self-propulsion shows in our extended range of refined, performance savvy asphalt bikes.

The new, super affordable, tough as nails WorldBike will rock the reggae from Minneapolis to Macau. The Dr. Fine, a sleek, high end, internally geared addition to the street slashing Dr. Dew series is the perfect bike for commuters seeking simple elegance. And the Super Dew, the ultimate downtown speedster.

To our beautiful line of drop bar asphalt and cyclocross bikes we’ve also added the Honky Inc., a fender ready, disc brake loaded utility ride; the Band Wagon and the Grand Wagon, two new fixie/singlespeed art pieces that ride like masterpieces. There’s also the new Major One, a Scandium frame singlespeed cyclocross beauty.

Because more women are riding every day, we’ve introduced two new female-specific models for 2010: an entry-level mountain bike hardtail, the Lisa, and the perfect downtown commuter, Dr. Lisa.

And that’s not all. We’ve also got three new frames this year, for those aficionados who prefer to build up their bikes all by themselves. The Kilauea, a new carbon XC hardtail, the Lacondeguy Inc., a cromoly steel dirt jumper, and The Rat, a stylish steel track frame.

Throughout the rest of Kona’s 2010 collection, we’ve made endless refinements. Almost every single frame has been re-drawn and tuned to perfection.

Part of that refinement is shaving weight off of our existing bike designs. Sixty-one out of the 64 returning models are lighter than 2009. On average our bikes are 8% lighter than last year. Examples? How about a sub-40 pound Stab Supreme? A 16.8 pound steel Haole? Or a 17.9 pound cyclocross race Major Jake?

We poured our sweat and passion into these new bikes. Now, it’s time to ride.

Visit our newly minted website: www.konaworld.com

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