So after leaving the heat of the desert I jumped on a plane in Grand Junction and left Firsty and the Crank Brothers FJ and headed out to the best coast to catch up with Dain Zaffke (Easton’s marketing manager) and Mike Ferrentino (Santa Cruz’s dark lord) as well as a bunch of other Bay Area buddies. The Tallboy frame—which I had built up in Greg Herbolds’ Moab garage/shop with a few loaner parts from Firsty and the ex World Champ himself—was destined for its final build in Dain’s basement. So here it is in its final glory.

Right now though it’s bagged up in a Ground Effect Tardis, sitting in the Santa Cruz offices waiting to come with me to the airport. Not too long after that it will be rolling on good old windblown Wellington dirt.

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  1. Um Caleb, hate to disappoint but conditions back here are more ‘rain soaked muck’, than ‘wind blown dirt’ at the moment.

  2. or you might first encounter some ash blown muck… and fying on that airline might mean you dont make it home as swiftly as you thought! Also why dont my wheels look that good…

  3. One man does surely not need two fully 29’ers in the garage, so I nominate myself to help keep your WFO from getting rusted up from lack of use… damn I am jealous of those wheels!!

  4. Are you sure that rear shock isn’t too small for the frame? The picture looks like they swapped it out for one which is way too samll.And do you think you can get a matching helmet?

  5. yeah well, i have nothing to say except…, i cant. hang on, Jono…why is your back here kinda wet and sticky now??? oh and Caleb, first you have a 26 inch banana up your backside and have now ended up with a 29 inch mandarin jammed between your arse cheeks. dude you really suit your new XC rig.

  6. oh yeah, and how come you got an xtra small frame.? when SC asked you”what size is your frame” did you think they said “brain”

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