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Over on the Spoke Facebook page Richard Caudwell has been posting up a bunch of vids from Whakarewarewa. Digging a little deeper on his Facebook page I found this little nugget of the newly built Corridor Trail on Tokorangi Ridge. It shows a couple of cool things; a new trail absolutely littered with table jumps and table hips and the other cool thing would be Mike Metz (chasing Rob Smail) on a Carbon TallboyLT 29er (although he always looks like he’s on a 29er, but not as much as Skoda though eh’ Mike?). This makes me want to leave the awesome weather we’re having in Welly right now to shred some A-Line-esque Vegas? Who else is keen?

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  1. Cool! Damn, we missed that on our three-day mission last week! Does anyone know of any video of the new (post digger) Be Rude Not Too? For showing-off purposes! Ta

      1. Yeah, I guess I should have actually watched the video before commenting. Props to all those involved. It’s a nice bit of work.

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