We’ve just received this Camelbak Skyline 10LR to review and with summer tantalisingly close, timing couldn’t have been better. No need to introduce Camelbak, they literally defined the market in hands-free hydration back in 1988 and have continued over the years to be the dominate player.

The Skyline 10LR looks to address the current desire by many riders to avoid having the weight and discomfort (sweatiness) of a traditional pack that sits relatively high on the back, while still being able to cart around more water and gear than a fanny pack or bike mounted options allow.

While fairly traditional looking at first glance, the Skyline has been designed to shift the load (both water and gear) lower on your back so that it sits on your hips, rather than in the middle of your back. This in theory should free up the upper body a little more and hopefully also see a reduction in perspiration. We’ve had the Skyline out for a few rides already and initial impressions are pretty positive. The differences (over a standard Camelbak arrangement) are actually more noticeable than they might appear at face value. We’re looking forward to a summer of long hot rides so that we can really put the Skyline 10LR to the test. Look out for a review in issue 64.

You won’t squeeze your helmet into the external gear pocket but there are helmet hooks so you can still stow your helmet out back if you choose to.

Nifty tool roll. Not just a tidy way of storing your tools but also means that if you switch riding packs on a regular basis it’s much easier to transfer your gear.

The Skyline 10LR features 3 litres of water capacity and 7 litres of gear stowage. This seems about right for the majority of the riding we do, but we’ll see how that pans out.

The fleece lined “media pouch” is not new, but still a very welcome feature.

Camelbak also produce a women’s specific version of this pack (the Solstice) and we’ll also be reviewing this over the coming months.

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