fter the first three World Cups, it’s time for our team to share a bit more about our lives.

“Inside Line” is what we decided to call our new series. Our episodes are a behind the scenes look at COMMENCAL / VALLNORD DH Team. It’s about both our best times and the worst. You’ll see, it’s about our passion.

Why do we love racing so much? Why after injuries and tough days we are still here ready to compete? Why do we do what we do?

Basically, MTB is the most important part our lives, and we couldn’t live without it! It all came together when we were the best team of the day in Fort William; it made us realize why we work so hard every day! A day like that is just magical!

The beginning of the season wasn’t that easy for us, as George Brannigan had knee surgery in January and glandular fever in February. George didn’t let these hardships disturb his preparation too much, and he simply didn’t give up! Twice in the top 20 already this year, George is looking to continue to build on his solid early season form.

Myriam Nicole spent the entire winter studying hard to become a physio, while at the same time trying to train as much as she knew her rivals were. The level of the women’s field is higher than ever, and she had to work incredibly hard to show she’s still one of the fastest girls in the world.

After a great off-season of training, Remi Thirion came into 2017 stronger than ever. Finishing 5th in Fort William after an amazing run, the whole team was super confident for the rest of the season! Unfortunately, his horrific crash in Leogang stopped him in his tracks. To see one of the team’s riders rolling across a finish line unconscious was quite frankly terrifying. It was such an incredible relief to get the good news from the hospital that Remi was already standing on his own two feet a mere 24 hours after his crash! Those 24 hours was one of the most difficult days the team has ever had!

As you will see, the team is a family affair. Without the dedication of the Ruffin family, it simply couldn’t exist. Travelling, organization, logistics, they do everything together. The three mechanics Damien, Ryan and Maxime, Marilou the chef, Jumpy the driver, Brieuc the osteopath, Keno the photographer and Jean-RĂ©my the video-producer, everyone is equally integral to the smooth functioning of the group.

Relive how it went in Lourdes, Fort William, and Leogang from our perspective and see what the inside line is!

🎥 Jean Rémy CERON

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