Inside Outside is a weekly spotlight of inspiring stuff from inside the web but outside of mountain biking. Each week we ask someone from within mountain biking to give us their top five daily websites that aren’t just about mountain biking. This week we get a blend of blogs and roundups from Anthony Smith.

Anthony is the assistant photo editor of Bike and Powder Magazines. He studied art at the prodigious Emily Carr Institute of Arts in Vancouver and California. A man as suited to the trendy art movements of downtown as to the mountains and forests, he has a great love for shooting film rather than digital, but unlike some hipster retro chic revivalists he only just picked up a digital camera a few years ago when the crushing necessity of business forced him to do so. He currently lives in purgatory in Southern California, pining for his homeland of Canada, but he loves his job so much he’s willing to endure the cultural abyss of Orange County.

ffffound! – ffffound is an image bookmaking site that I have set as my home page on my web browser. Every time I open up my browser there is something interesting to look at. Everything from art, and design, to just random weird images. I keep a folder on my desktop full of images that I’ve come across on the web that I find inspiring. It seems like I find a lot of these images on ffffound.

booooooom – A blog about art, photography, film, music, and design, started by Vancouver artist Jeff Hamada. It’s a great place to find out about artists you’ve probably never heard of. It’s rare that I ever check the site and see something familiar.

fffflckr – It’s flickr without all the shit. Click on an image you like and similar images appear below. This site has really great navigation, and always seems to point me in the right direction. Beware though, it’s easy to get sucked into this site and get lost.

Yimmy Yayo – Yimmy Yayo is one of my favourite image blogs. If there was one image blog I’ve ever come across that resonates as punk rock, it’s this one. He just doesn’t give a shit what it is. If it looks rad, it gets posted. No censor.

Jeff HarrisToronto-based photographer Jeff Harris has had his picture taken—either as a self-portrait or by a friend—every day since January 1, 1999. I found out about his project in 2005 when I was in art school, and have kept up with it ever since. Harris continued the project even after he was diagnosed with cancer a few years ago. It’s amazing to think that until the last post on January 31st 2011 there was a photo documenting every day Harris’s life for 4,414 consecutive days. Once you start scrolling through the images it’s hard to stop.


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