callum jelley

callum jelley

Callum is a young Englishman who has found himself on the good ship ‘fun times’ that is permanently moored in Whistler, BC these days. No one really knows what his role on this ship is but he tells me he has discovered an ability to shoot video, snap a few shots, scribble a few lines for some less reputable magazines, and that he has a taste for Scotch now.

9eyes – I can’t quite remember how I first found this blog but it’s a gem. Using Google street view and I assume a lot of time this chap [John Rafman] has found sound astounding moments captured from around the globe.

Defgrip– These guys continually blow me away with the style and depth of the content they both produce and find.  If there’s one site the MTB world needs to take a long hard look at it’s this one!

Hypem – Music is very important and this is one of the best places to find whatever those hipsters are listening to. A great blog where you can build your own playlist and share it with anyone!

Voleurz – There are four seasons in a year and at least one of them contains a whole lot of snow. I work as a token Englishman, ideas-man, producer, filmer, photographer and rider for Voleurz year round.  Worth checking the website for some new threads and some great ski/skate/surf/bike edits.

Surfers Path – Because let’s be honest, whatever you’re doing and wherever you’re doing it, you want to be surfing and this is a great little site with eclectic contents from the world surf community.

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