Local legends usually come from the locale whence they are legendary, but Mr NZo himself, Gaz Sullivan, is so legendary he’s not even from Rotorua, yet they consider him part of the furniture there.

When he’s not dreaming up shorts or designing a new jersey, he’ll be in the forest threading between trees or sneaking a look at these websites when everyone thinks he’s actually working…

Bring a Trailer

This is great. A constant parade of ridiculous, impractical and drop-dead cool cars, for sale in another country. Almost no danger of actually buying anything. Plus, they send an email every day with something new. Usually some Euro weirdness, but every so often something like this…


The website of a magazine I like, is full of stuff they fervently believe is going to change our lives. Ninety percent of it doesn’t get anywhere near my place but it’s fun in the same way that Jetsons was fun.

The World’s Best Ever

A tall order, but if you’re going to have a crack at assembling what you think is the World’s Best Ever assemblage of most everything, that would be your URL. There is so much in this site you could lose your mind, never mind your job.

The Oatmeal

Whenever life gets us down, a quick visit to the Oatmeal will have us back to our cheerful selves. Where else can you learn how to correctly use an apostrophe and how to make your shopping cart suck less on the same website.

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