Back when I worked in a skate shop in Wellington I met Jamie and his brother Ben, who were both shredders. Turns out Jamie and I were also at design school together but those damn industrial designers had a building all to themselves so I didn’t hang with him too much. They thought they were better than the rest of us; well in Jamie’s case it turns out he was. Better at pretty much everything. He rides bikes well, skates well, windsurfs well and most of all he designs stuff well. So well that… just check out his website and you’ll see www.jamiemclellan.com

01. Collate
Along with The Fox Is Black (already featured on a previous Inside Outside), Collate is one of my favourite design blogs. A pared back, thoughtfully edited mix of graphic, photography, architecture, product and furniture. Editor Dave Smith has an impeccable eye.

02. Jjjjound
I think this site goes forever, which is lucky because I love it. From motorbikes to gangstas to preppy Americana to bicycles to topless women. I have never managed to scroll to the end of the page, and believe me, I have tried.

03. But Does It Float
Strange name, weird titles and mesmerising, beautiful art. Like Jjjjound, this one seems to go till infinity too.

04. Nizoapp
One of many beautiful sites built by Tim & Matt at Sons & Co. Just scroll down, and then scroll up, and then scroll down, and then scroll up.. don’t know what it does but I want one.

05. Vice Do’s & Don’ts
This one’s a guilty pleasure. So many times I’ve picked up a free copy of Vice, laughed in disbelief at the Do’s and Don’ts only to come to the end feeling like I need more. That was before I found Viceland’s online archive.

I’m told the captions are all written by one guy. I hope I never meet him.

PS here’s a bike joke: http://www.vice.com/en_au/vice/dnd/42461
PPS Here”s a sweet ol’ man one: http://www.vice.com/en_au/vice/dnd/3472

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