lester perry

lester perry

Inside Outside will be a weekly spotlight of inspiring stuff from inside the web but outside of mountain biking. Each week we ask someone from within mountain biking to give us their top five daily websites that aren’t just about mountain biking. To start things off we begin with Lester Perry, the most interesting man in Hamilton perhaps.

New Zealander Lester Perry is a man of impeccable tastes. He owns and runs his own clothing company that feeds into the chic and fashionable vibe of the city. He blogs and contributes to various websites and magazines, some of them biking related, some not. He is not one to be pigeonholed as he chooses to keep his identity and influences loose and wide reaching.

Defgrip.net – A BMX, art and culture site, keeps a tie to bikes but has
killer artsy/design content and is curated perfectly in my opinion.

The World’s Best Ever – A true mish-mash of things, fine photography,
selected videos and interesting bits and bobs all in one place.

Staple Design – Jeff Staple is a busy dude, travelling the globe,
being a designer and ‘tastemaker’, always has interesting videos and info
from his travels.
www.stapledesign.comThe Hundreds – The uber-streetwear brand. These dudes know how to
blog, all day every day. I’m unsure how they get anything else done! The
Hundreds have their fingers in tonnes of pies and mix with lots of
interesting people, take interesting photos and do interesting things and blog
about it all.

Grooveshark – Lots of music of any sort streamed right to your PC; a
good way to discover new artists and listen to some obscure ones!

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