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Inside Outside is a weekly spotlight of inspiring stuff from inside the web but outside of mountain biking. Each week we ask someone from within mountain biking to give us their top five daily websites that aren’t just about mountain biking. This week we get a wide ranging creative mix from Morgan Meredith.

Morgan was the assistant photo editor of Bike and Powder magazines for eight years, until the plastic grasp of southern California could no longer hold him and he moved back to his home city of Chicago to take up work as the media relations dude at SRAM/Truvativ. Morgan is a fantastically talented photographer in his own right, but is too modest to show off his work, so I urge you to visit his own website for some of his own editorial work and a glimpse into the life of a photo editor at a big publication.

When asked what he searches on a daily basis Morgan had this disclaimer to make first:

“News isn’t on my list anymore. I used to be a total newsie. NY Times/NPR every day. I’m now the guy who gets stopped on the street by a late night TV talk show host and is asked who the vice president is and has to think long and hard about it.” – I feel better about this ugly world when I’m on this site. You can surround yourself in everything you’re inspired by for HOURS. This is my first stop of the day. Sometimes it’s my only stop of the day. The fix gets fixed. Design. Photography. Typography. Beautiful people. And humourous .gifs.

Fastboy Cycles – CRUSHING. I’ve never met Ezra Caldwell, but I think of him often. A true fighter. Puts me in my fucking place. Harden up and do good work friends. Life is short. Look around on this site to see Ezra’s handmade bikes frames, photography, and adventures in cooking.

Fecal Face – Great site for designers and artists. Based in San Francisco but covers the global progressive art culture.

A Photo Editor– Run by former Outside and Men’s Journal photo director Rob Haggart. The site dives into all facets of image producing. Great source for up and coming photographers. Tonnes of interviews with photographers, art buyers and photo editors from magazines from all over the world.

– Super basic website from the BEST MAGAZINE on the stands today.  It’s only updated every few days, but always brings the goods.

Pitchfork – My only music news source.

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