Olly's Art! - 01 copy

Olly’s Art! – 01 copy

Inside Outside is a weekly spotlight of inspiring stuff from inside the web but outside of mountain biking. Each week we ask someone from within mountain biking to give us their top five daily websites that aren’t just about mountain biking. This week we get an artistic selection from Oliver Mitchell Forster.

Oli is the man behind the keyboard of Factory Jackson. He began painting a few years back when as an impoverished bum he needed a way to decorate his flat. He has his finger on the pulse when it comes to anything related to arts and creativity on the web.

Defgrip of course. I love that site and it’s no surprise that’s the kind of thing I’m trying to do with FJ, but I’m beginning to think MTBers love their forums too much!

Fecal Face – A very cool San Fran art site.

Juxtapoz Magazine – Art is my first love although I haven’t painted or made anything since I started FJ.

Empire Magazine – I love all the movie news.

High Snobiety – They have lots of little sub sites like Rad Collector for alternative sports news and Curated Mag for creative stuff – a lot of pretentious crap on there, but quite often some good stuff too!

Check out more of Oli’s own art work in the gallery below.

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