tama talks

tama talks

Inside Outside is a spotlight of inspiring stuff from inside the web but outside of mountain biking. We ask someone from within mountain biking to give us their top five daily websites that aren’t just about mountain biking.

For the return of Inside/Outside we welcome back a man who’s name is synonymous with mountain biking in New Zealand, former editor of Spoke and founder of Vorb, Tama Easton. Enjoy his eclectic selection of web fixes…

http://www.boston.com/bigpicture/ and http://www.theatlantic.com/infocus/

I stumbled across Big Picture a few years ago, it’s a regular photo blog from the Boston Globe featuring galleries filled with photographs dedicated to a single topic. A little later I came across In Focus from The Atlantic which does exactly the same thing. I’m not sure which came first but they’re both great websites to keep an eye on. Between them they’ve introduced me to natural beauty, house sized puppets, the solar system, derelict cities and an insight to the lives all over the world.


If you are a news junkie you’ll love Fark. It’s the perfect break from the endlessly recycled mainstream news stories; as its legions of users scour the Internet for the amusing, interesting, weird and downright stupid in news stories. If you’ve ever wondered where certain people, radio DJs, talkback hosts and the mainstream media itself get all those bizarre news stories you can be sure that most of them first came to light on Fark.


Working with interweb as a job I spend far too much time looking at websites. Unfortunately there are many examples of how websites can go terrible wrong. Smashing Magazine is where I go to for the latest website development tips, beautiful design and restoring my faith in the web not just being a junkyard of badly implemented half-arsed ideas.


Okay, I admit, I love playing video games on my Playstation. Every Thursday evening a bunch of my mates get together to race each other on Gran Turismo 5 and holy crap is it fun. When I want to know about games that don’t involve drifting cars around the Nurburgring I visit Zero Punctuation. Every week Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw reviews a video game by raving into a microphone and then animating his stream of consciousness. The jokes are crude, most games get slammed, but I have to credit Zero Punctuation with educating me about some super fun games, and warn me away from some totally dire wastes of money.


Bear Food comes from the fertile mind of Matthew Inman of The Oatmeal fame. At time of writing it’s less than a week old and a window to those strange little gems the Internet is full of. If you like a steady diet of irreverent cartoons and infographics this is the site for you.

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