Tyler Morland shouldn’t really need any introduction; he had one of the best video sections of all time in The Collective riding Gargamel (a trail he built). Since then he’s kind of grown up sort of, he has a real email address and his job title at SRAM is the one dreams are made of (for mountain bike magazine editors). You see he’s now their MTB PR & Media Manager and he gets to travel the world riding rad bits and pieces before you and I even know they exist. He’s so grown up he’s even comfortable tweeting pictures of himself on a road bike. We asked him what websites he frequents when he’s not riding or surfing bike porn…

I’m actually not sure if another music encyclopedia of this magnitude even exists? Well, Pitchfork is awesome but to show true dedication they went out and made a channel, of awesome everything! I just watched the Modest Mouse episode and it didn’t disappoint. 45 minutes of history and music.

Laura Austin’s visual Diary is always a pleasure. She continues to find and create images that I connect with. I think she’s an editor at Snowboarder and in my head I hope she’s self taught… It’s a kind of documentary approach to everyday life. I guess (from my perspective) I would love to have this skill in my back pocket… I could just re-invent myself – at some point.

So, this is eiknarf or Frankie just spelt backwards. He has “know work” tats across his knuckles and leads a pretty interesting life in NYC. Friend of friend type of thing, but I feel like it all works. He keeps a regular stream of awesomeness flowing.

I wish every year my life could be organised neatly, for just a day… just one. Truth be told, this will never happen, especially when you travel as much as this kid.

Best for last? Get ready to waste a day of your employer’s time…. I’m lucky enough to see a couple of these places but wow, get into it. Or submit to it. This has every guy’s dream house compiled for your viewing pleasure.

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