You gotta love embargoes. When we had Jon Cancellier’s bike out for a ride in December there was so much on it we couldn’t show you, and then I go and miss the embargo release by a few hours and it’s all over the net already. The only bonus to having ridden and photographed these brakes is I can attest to just how fricken strong they are. I mean they almost make owning Codes redundant (see the power graph below) and I don’t think any of the actual product photos show just how small these guys are. But with the fork in there you can see, they are really fricken tiny. I mean, 4-piston madness at 340 grams is crazy!

Delivery is supposed to be mid July. We have a test set on the way so will let you know our first impressions as soon as we have them set up.

Anyhow here’s more photos and the press release info:

Trail riding has progressed. Expectations have changed. Riders want one bike that does it all and demand a brake that keeps up. At just 340 grams, the new XO Trail was born to climb and engineered to descend. With a 4-piston caliper and innovative lever pivot bearing, it packs more power than any other brake in its class.

• 4-Piston Dual-Diameter Caliper
• Tool-Free Contact Adjust
• Tool-Free Reach Adjust
• MatchMaker XTM Compatible

There is also a new XC XO brake, but really, who wants two pistons for 315 grams when you can have four for 34o? But for you weight weenies here’s the deal…


X0TM weighs in at a lean 315 grams, complete with forged aluminum lever body and caliper, and the legacy of precision and quality necessary to carry the X0 name. Packing an intuitive design and unmatched feel, X0 gives you the power to lean harder, push further and hit the trail with a one-two punch of performance and control.


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  1. the fact that those are Lyriks kinda puts the sizing in context….but then ya can’t ignore the gram count huh! Nice. Now what body organ do I sell off to afford a pair or 3 (got a few different rides to keep in the same spec ya know….)

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