Spoke Magazine issue 43 hits newsstands and letterboxes next week so to give you a taster of what’s inside we thought we’d give you a little behind the scenes information from some of the content. And what better way to start things off than at the beginning, the cover shot.

So to explain a little more about how the cover shot came about, let’s hear from the cover star and the cover shooter themselves, Sven Martin and Dan Atherton.

If I could get a dollar for for every time I have heard one of the Athertons say, “Why are you shooting that, nobody will want to use THAT!” I’d be a rich man. I usually tell them to do their job and I’ll do mine. In this case we had just pushed up a big hill above the bike park in Queenstown and I thought I’d try my luck and have them push even further up a sketchy narrow exposed goat path. Dan (Atherton) was the only one game and this is the result. I’m especially happy as now I can rub their noses in it and say I told you so.” Sven Martin, issue 43 cover photographer.

Ever since I was a kid I dreamt of getting a cover on a shady New Zealand mag, with a photo that was shot by an even shadier, part time schizophrenic photographer. Now I have reached that goal it feels like my life is complete; I guess all there is to do is kick back and let the cash come rolling in… I would like to thank my sponsors for my high seatpost and my Camelbak. Without them, this dream would not have been possible.” Dan Atherton, issue 43 cover star and reluctant bike pusher.

As well as the cover, the Athertons and Sven Martin get a full feature about the two months they spent in Queenstown training for their racing off-season.

Tune in over the next few days for tasters of the articles in issue 43.

Issue 43 will be delivered to subscribers on 8 September and will be available on Zinio in digital form on 9 September.
Newsstand price is $9.20 (NZ) and it’s $35 for New Zealand subscribers. That’s 25% less than cover price, delivered to your doorstep, five issues a year (February, April, June, September and December). All subscribers get a cover poster and a chance to win a HD camera. Subscribe HERE.

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