Jed Mildon will be attempting a Guinness World Record at Taupo’s Spa Park from 2pm on Saturday 28 May.  The event is titled Unit T3 Mindtricks in keeping with Jed’s Star Wars theme from last year’s New Zealand first – the double back flip at the Jedi Jam. A 20m vertical ramp is currently being constructed by Euro Scaffolding in Spa Park (the largest ever built in New Zealand) in preparation for a week’s practice.  Wanaka based company The AirBag are arriving on Saturday with a 10m x 15m x2.5m air bag to further help in preparing Jed.While the World Record stunt itself remains secret what we can say is that it will be the “must see” for all of Taupo and will reinforce Taupo’s image as the cycling capital of New Zealand.

The event is being promoted by BikeFest Taupo with principle sponsor Unit. Local support has also come from More FM, MB Century, McDonald’s, the Taupo District Council and Youthtown.

Entry to Unit T3 Mindtricks is free.

The AirBag company will have the air bag on site and for a small fee the public can freefall onto the bag from a height up to 8 metres giving you a taste of what Jed will be going through. (Only if he slams right?)

On Sunday 29 May, Jed will take his freestyle BMX crew up to the Taupo Skate Park for a further competition of freestyle riding. Again entry to this event will be free.

So Saturday 28 May from 2pm – check out the Unit T3 MindTricks event featuring Taupo rider Jed Mildon.  A fantastic family day out.  We’d love to see you there.

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  1. i went to see this yesterday.. trust me 20m is fing insane i have no clue how he will survive the tranny!the run in is approx 45deg angle!
    cant wait for the event!

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