Pole has been attracting a lot of attention recently with the release of their Machine last year. Utilizing a technique completely new to the mountain bike industry where the two halves of the bike are CNC’ed out of one piece of Aluminium before being bonded and bolted together. Combine this with boundary pushing geometry and you have a bike unashamedly addressing the status quo and leaning its own direction. The stamina is no exception, with a very raw and unapologetic aesthetic. It screams fast. It’s going to be interesting to see how Joe and the Pole gel in the coming months.



Joe has been steadily knocking away at the EWS for a couple years now, and we are excited to see what he can do with factory support and aboard what looks to be a solid looking rig.

Joe joins englishman Leigh Johnson, who at 22 has had a solid start to his EWS career, finishing 25th overall last year, and this new factory support is only going to enhance his bid at racking the top 20 next year. Having been aboard Pole last year, it should be a good to see how the new stamina holds up against the bigger brands. Personally, I’m all for the small kids kicking up a fuss amongst the big boys.


Photos: Beth Kelly

Video: The Loam Ranger

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