So I’ve been travelling the last few days with no Internet access so have been sitting on a few updates. Jon Bokrantz brought us that cool little clip about the Outside Sports pump track a few days ago and here he introduces the start of his new JonTV web series.

“A video series with the single purpose of creating joy for people riding bikes, by portraying races, events and sheer mountain biking, my goal is to put a smile on your face and make you pumped on riding. Light hearted and heaps of fun, simply a lot like mountain biking itself!

After a massively successful first summer of public service in Scandinavia, Jon Television is back for another action packed season from the paradise that is New Zealand. The second episode features Maxime Bruneau, a Frenchie who has returned for his second season in Queenstown. We hit up Fernhill Loop, Wynyard and PLÄP – trails that showcase the variety of riding in Queenstown as well as Max’s preferred type of shredding. There’s also a guest appearance from none other than Mr. McGazza himself!”


Pictures by: Anne Myrte Joon

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