People fear what they don’t understand. A 170mm travel trail bike aimed purely at women? Are they mad? Burn them! Drown it!

The Strega is for those who fly in the face of the naysayers. The riders who blaze a trail that others will follow. Mountain biking is their means to get far from the masses, and the Strega is as far out as it gets.

A Film by Cut Media
Thanks to: Mugdock Country Cycles, Mugdock Country Park, Celtic Fire, Riders of the Storm, Aonghas Chalmers and all of the Cut Media crew.
Cast: Anka Martin, Kirsty McWilliam, Hannah Young, Sarah MacInnes, Thomas MacKinnon, Pete Scullion, Paul Smail, Kevin Tawse, Bernard Plaisted, David McNicol, David Keenan, Jim McLarnon, Scott Davidson

Song: ‘Deliverance’ performed by The Mission.
Published by Universal Music Publishing, Courtesy of Mercury Records

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