It’s Super D season, with Queenstown’s edition last weekend won by Kurt Lancaster, this week’s being ‘Codgers’ in Nelson where Kieran Bennett took the win, then this coming weekend the Rotorua Triple Crown kicks off. Let’s hope this trend continues!

Codgers write up (from after the break….

A great day of fun riding today, from the Sharlands Hill Trig right down to Andrews Field on the Codgers Trail Network.

Results are here – plenty of new faces came along, and judging by the strong response this won’t be the last of these type of events we run this year. Great to bring the different riding communities together in a format that appeals to all of them in some way.

National Super D supremo Kurt Lancaster has shifted to Nelson in search of trail goodness (and work) and was looking to win his third major Super D on the trot this year after cleaning up in Wellington and Queenstown. Kurt didn’t have the best run, but Kieran Bennett scorched the course to post a sub nine minute win and take the cash. Women’s winner Harriet Harper won the cash in a time that had a lot of the boys feeling well thrashed!

Firball, Drain, Pipilini and Graseed have responded well to this event, are scrubbed and clean, and riding superbly right now.

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