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So if you haven’t seen enough of Kelly or the deep south yet JonTV has dropped another clip to whet your appetite and get you on a plane before the snow arrives. Jon has let the 4 minute web clip rule go out the window with this one, but I can honstely say it’s worth it; it’s one of the best clips to drop from New Zealand this year. Would have been nice to see a few more faces in the mix, but definitely worth a peep.

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  1. Caleb, I love your blog, I buy Spoke regularly and I proudly display your bumper sticker on my Camry. In other words, I am a fan. As a fan it’s hard to be critical but I have just reached my tipping point. Could I please, please ask you to limit the continued use of the word “dropped” and also the word “so”, particularly when used as the first word. It just drives me crazy.
    (Please delete this post)

    1. Rex
      So I’m really sorry for dropping those words all the time, I’ve actually been trying to refrain from the word “so”, but it slips through occasionally. Using the word “dropped” is a throwback to my skater side, but I do agree it needs to be used less… so you’ll see words like “released” and “made available” a lot more from today on…

      1. Caleb, I got online early this morning to see if I could delete my post before you saw it after waking up at 2am this morning with a sudden attack of the guilts. But alas I am too late. Much to my relief you don’t appear too annoyed, thank God.Latest issue is amazing, got it with my doomed Karapoti pack.

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