Definitely my worst ever post title. But it’s the truth. The Kiwis killed it in qualifying today in torrential rain at Champery, showing that our boys can actually ride and handle their bikes. Blenki qualified first which is awesome news but the rest of the top 15 riders contains four Kiwis. Wyn takes a well deserved 5th, Brook McDonald in 11th and Scolesy sitting in front of Greg Minnaar in 14th. It was my first World Cup too and I can tell you that it ain’t as easy as it looks, Sven Martin and the other regulars make it all look way easy. I could barely stay upright in the pouring rain. Okay so it is Spoke’s first ever non stolen World Cup gallery, hopefully tomorrow will be sunny, I will have found Scolsey’s house and I’ll take some not shit photos…

1 Sam Blenkinsop 4:10.36
2 Damien Spagnolo 4:12.05
3 Gee Atherton 4:12.52
4 Brendon Fairclough 4:14.38
5 Wyn Masters 4:18.36
6 Steve Peat 4:19.84
7 Danny Hart 4:20.24
8 Mickael Pascal 4:20.45
9 Mitchell Delfs 4:20.72
10 Romain Paulhan 4:21.25
11 Brook McDonald 4:21.96
12 Fabien Pedemanaud 4:22.82
13 Oliver Burton 4:24.21
14 Matt Scoles 4:24.52
15 Greg Minnaar 4:24.89

More Kiwi Results

30 Cam Cole 4:31.36

35 Justin Leov 4:34.95

49 Joseph Nation 4:40.89

78 George Brannigan4:55.83

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