The All New Kona Honzo ESD
A trail-slaying hardtail weapon

Photos by Caleb Smith @calebsmithphoto

ESD Hood -1066.jpg

Swipe. Swipe. Swipe. You may be familiar with just how challenging it is to find your perfect match. Enter the Honzo ESD. What a looker! Regal. Badass. Likes to get down and dirty. This bike will take you to places only found in your wildest dreams.

What Does ESD mean?

Everything Shredders Desire?
Evolved Singletrack Destroyer?
Extra Savage Deathmarcher?

If Mad Max rode a bike, it would be the Honzo ESD. It’s part Honzo, part monster, and with geometry derived from the Process X, it’s made for those who want to punish the trails.


ESD Hood -0337.jpg



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