Well Thursday 2nd December saw the first event of this season’s LoG calendar take place with the ever popular Das Uber D kicking it all off. Around 50 odd riders made their way up Skyline to be greeted with some up arrows in places that have never had arrows before. This was to be more of a reverse downhill race!! The fear of the ups for the newbies on DH rigs was evident in their eyes as they caught us up marking the course.The newest additions to the tracks on Skyline suffering from the lack of rain in the last month meant a last minute course change as it was closed for use that morning. However this did not deter the enthusiasm of the riders.

Before we kicked off a moment of silence was held for the tragic deaths at Pike River Coal Mine; their memorial service was held earlier that day in Greymouth. Riders then braved the dust and a serious lack of traction down the Original Vertigo into RockGarden before the first of the climbs up to Pinkbits which then saw riders also take in one of the last remaining wooden structures on Thingamajig down to the halfway mark, followed by the second climb up to Grundy. After entering Grundy, riders made their way down to Squiggler and to the last but longest of the climbs, Huck Up. From Huck Up it was all the way back up to halfway and then the final descent down Turd Sandwich to the first of our new watering holes, Pub On Wharf.

Pub On Wharf, or PoW for short, has really come to the party along with George Wallis from Lion Nathan, and made sure that all money raised from LoG’s being hosted by PoW actually goes go back into the trails by providing free finishing beers for all. Quite the deal as they sell Macs which is around $7 for a pint. Thanks guys!!

We don’t normally reward winning but secretly it is just an effort to slow down the freakish Jim Hawkridge who smashed the course in a time of 17 minutes plus some seconds. I think someone needs to feed him some more beer. Thanks to all who made the effort of getting up Skyline the old fashioned way, and also special mention of Gaz Dommett and Matt Weir for helping track mark and marshall. Oh and if you want to hit someone for the ups see Tom Hey as the track was mostly his idea. Next event sees the Pump track party with most likely a venue shift from Jardines back to Gorge Rd due to dirt conditions being better at Gorge Rd. The joys of what has been a long hot spring and start of summer so far. May the good weather continue.

Go to facebook.com/theleagueofgentlemen for more details.

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