A few weeks back ABD brand and team manager (and blogger) Jon Oldale hung out at Chris Beverland’s recently revamped jumps. Lewis was there too and Jon was well impressed. Actually he was so impressed he offered him a spot on the ABD team right there and then. As of today it’s all official hence the press release below:
ABD have recently signed the 26” wheel slayer Lewis Jones. Based in Raglan, New Zealand, Lewis is recognised for his bag of tricks and flow that has quickly taken him to international level competitions both here and overseas.

Lewis will be competing and riding on a Derelikt 3 and will be a key component in the future development of the brand’s frames and components. Lewis took delivery of his bike less than four weeks weeks ago and loved it from day one. “It’s one of the easiest bikes to jump and trick that I’ve had the pleasure of riding and the fact that it’s Kiwi designed, tested and engineered is awesome”.

On a recent shoot in a top secret location Lewis proved his worth and the potential of his new Derelikt, with many of his fellow team members getting off their bikes just to watch Lewis throw down.

ABD are looking forward to working with Lewis over the upcoming seasons to help him reach his full potential as a rider. ABD’s product manager said, “to have someone of Lewis’s quality and potential join our riding team is great recognition of the bike and the brand and we are stoked to have him on board and to support him as he goes after international glory.”

Watch out for Lewis and ABD over the coming months; both of them are really going places.

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