That’s right, Spoke‘s first ever long term test bike has arrived! You should be able to tell from my cryptic title that we will be riding the snot out of this Santa Cruz Butcher over the next six or so months. The Butcher came out some time last year and features Santa Cruz’s link actuated single pivot design APP (Actual Pivot Point, we did a big post on it over here). Anyway when we get this thing going it will be the first time anyone at Spoke has thrown a leg over either of the APP bikes (oh wait Seb Kemp rides one…). We aren’t just testing the frame; RockShox have hooked us up with a Revelation 150 RLT Ti up front and Easton have got us rolling on a sweet set of Haven hoops as well (in champagne no less) and Straitline want us to keep quiet with their Silent Guide. We will be checking back on the site regularly with build updates and our thoughts on the Butcher. Fingers crossed we will have some complete build photos later today.

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