Look Quartz Pedal review from Spoke issue 30

French company Look has re-entered the mountain bike pedal market after a long hiatus, releasing their new Quartz pedal range. ‘Releasing’ being the operative word. I found myself being ejected from the pedals at some inopportune times – not exactly confidence inspiring when traversing rough terrain. However, after some fine-tuning of the cleat shim system, the performance was a lot better.

The pedals really started to shine when conditions were muddy. The design is very open, which results not only in very light weight but also in great muck clearance. The pedal body gives a good amount of platform for the shoe to rest on if the shim stack height is set up properly. Engagement was sometimes a little vague, with the audible ‘click’ not always apparent. With time taken to ensure proper cleat setup the Quartz performed quite well, and their weight will appeal to cross-country and trail riding gram-counters. If you don’t mind a bit of fiddling then they’re well worth a look.

Brett Kennedy

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