Like me, you may have looked at recent photos of Sam Blenkinsop and wondered what the heck those pads he was wearing were. Well now you know (well once you have read this you will know). So it’s an Italian brand called Bluegrass. At first I thought they were country music fans but since receiving a press kit in the mail I’ve worked out that Bluegrass is in fact named after a mythological eagle whose wings caught on fire ’cause it was so fast and just plain badass. So I guess the fact that Bluegrass sponsor Blenki and French enduro racer Jerome Clementz among others (Fabien Cousinié and Shaun O’Connor) suits the eagle image more than a mandolin breakdown. There’s no distributor here yet in New Zealand but fingers crossed and you may be able to look even more like Blenki soon. Oh they make full face helmets and body armour too. Have a look below for more pics.

You can download the full 7mb catalogue here.

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