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Specialized and Matt Hunter brings the goods once again, this time it’s a three minute ad for the Enduro…

Climbing or descending. Downhill or XC. Whistler or Moab. No matter the location or terrain, Enduros just like to rip it up. They’re happy climbing winding singletrack as long as it leads them to where they can fly—often literally—down a deep forest, North Shore-style trail. Five-foot drops, huge babyheads, and mossy log bridges, all satisfy their never-ending craving for All-Mountain terrain.

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  1. I’m not too sure if there is such a thing as huge baby heads. Babyhead (and I’m pretty sure that is the correct plural) means rocks the size of baby’s heads. I guess there are big headed babys though, but I think it makes more sence to call huge baby heads, fields of soccer balls or something similar. Then it gets to chillybin size rocks after that. Cool video though.

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